About us

About us

ACIT Integration Technology is an integrator of services, information technology and electronic security, specialists in delivering business solutions as of 2014 we have developed significant growth throughout the Mexican Republic, positioning ourselves as one of the best companies in delivering business solutions.

Based on our extensive knowledge of the different products and brands in the industry, you will be able to find an expert partner in delivering market solutions, with total impartiality where the most important criterion is to meet the needs and expectations of your company, experts in providing your company of best business practices.

We advise you on the business possibilities for your company and we provide you with the products and services that will integrate your solution.

Our focus

Throughout our history we have developed extensive experience and deep technical knowledge, instilling in our workers an important problem-solving mentality.

All our specialized engineers and technicians are focused on their effort and constant training in the development of strategies to guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives of our clients, helping in the correct business evaluation, prioritizing the development of the set of strategic decisions that are required to be carried out to successfully carry out your project.


Our vision is to become the main distributor of your company throughout the Mexican Republic, developing a high degree of technical and commercial specialization, as well as having the best trained personnel in the country to deliver solutions of high commercial value, which allows integrating solutions of high level in your business.


Our Mission is to provide a business market network throughout the Mexican Republic, in charge of delivering high-level solutions that allow solving specific problems, from basic technical problems to the most advanced and state-of-the-art, delivering quality and safety, generating compliance with standards. corporate security.

Our values

Our essential values ​​to lead the Mexican market and guarantee the delivery of quality, specialization and safety in each of our products and services are:


Have highly trained and empathetic staff in dealing with the client to generate excellent teamwork together with our partners.

I respect.

Within our work, cordial and respectful treatment has always characterized us.


This value characterizes our staff since for us it is highly important to have the right people to guarantee you an excellent service.

Quality at Work

Our workers in constant training and updated on the latest safety regulations, together with our quality control engineers, guarantee on-time delivery and quality in our services and products.


The discipline that each of our staff has is something that you will see first hand when you visit us, at ACITMX discipline is essential to be able to meet our objectives.


All the personnel that work with us have a strong relationship with what they do, forging in each of them the dedication to their work as something essential for their professional development.


Our highly trained and constantly evolving work team naturally forces a feeling of Professionalism to be born within each of our staff, guaranteeing quality and safety in our services.


Communication is one of our main values ​​and strengths, since we understand that good communication not only guarantees excellent service, but also helps us strengthen our ties with our alliances and the businesses of our partners.


Fair treatment is something that all ACITMX personnel know well, and we value maintaining it so as not to lose trust and maintain essential respect for any business.

Our people

Our staff and team of collaborators is made up only of people with extensive experience in the market, specialized and certified in our different areas with internationally endorsed certificates.

We are characterized by our strong business values ​​and the great professional training that we provide to our teams.

Our development team is specialized in generating an innovative mentality in each of our collaborators,

We are avant-garde in all our commercial, security and technology areas, emphasizing a high sense of customer service among our collaborators.

Our offer

Within our offer you will be able to find solutions and services of high quality and specialization, delivering and guaranteeing the best quality to our clients.

Innovation and quality are main characteristics of our services and products.

We have professional consultancies with highly qualified personnel specialized in the area, ready to help you solve your business needs in the agreed time, guaranteeing that our quality reaches your business.


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