Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Edge data center-like computing, the flexible way to power your innovation.

Solving real world challenges requires robust infrastructure solutions that generate faster insights. It enables users to make complex decisions quickly and with a higher level of confidence.


Powerful computing, when and where it's needed

IT is no longer confined to autonomous data centers. It is spread across a mix of on-premises data centers, public cloud, and a growing percentage of edge infrastructure.

Most analysts predict that edge computing will be the fastest growing segment of the industry, and IDC forecasts that 50% of new enterprise IT infrastructure will be edge by 2023.

One of the most significant opportunities for IT decision makers is deciding how to leverage their data from the edge to the cloud. This challenge is a shift from classic data center architecture to a data-centric environment; essentially bringing computing to data rather than bringing all data to computing.

Lenovo’s ThinkEdge range includes devices purpose built to be connected to local networks. Or embedded in solutions, to give you the edge in performance, security, and scalability.


ThinkEdge SE10

ThinkSystem SE350

ThinkEdge SE70

ThinkEdge SE50


Our Edge servers are robust and secure, with tamper-evident protection, data encryption, and the ability to withstand all kinds of conditions. So whatever your need, we'll find the right solution.

A hybrid multicloud brings flexibility

The Lenovo Edge ecosystem is open and flexible. Integrates with all key cloud providers to give you end-to-end, ongoing management.

Extend your cloud with a resilient edge

Get an integrated, cost-effective, and resilient edge solution that’s easy to deploy, simple to operate, and maximizes edge workload performance.

Improve data management and access

Enjoy better data management with the widest variety of products, services, and most importantly, guidance, available for advanced hybrid infrastructure.